Rovtop Wine Opener,Electric Bottle Opener Electric Corkscrew,Automatic bottle opens Automatic Stainless Steel with Wine Stopper,Pourer,Corkscrew

UPC: 749390483139

  • High efficiency:Just need to press the button of wine corkscrew below can remove the cork from the bottle . With the button on the top, you can remove the cork from the bottle opener, and will not cause the cork to slag. Also can open more than 80 bottles continuously when the battery is fully charged,it is an ideal and good for professional wine merchant and waiter to use.
  • Quiet operate:Bottle opener can work at low noise (<50db), giving you a quiet atmosphere,it is safe and made of stainless steel to ensure long-term safe use.
  • Easy to carry:Electric corkscrew only have 450g,suitable size makes it easy for users to put the bottle opener into a handbag, suitcase, backpack or even carry it by hand. The paper cutter can be stored at the bottom of the machine without worrying about the parts falling.
  • Best match:The bottle opener includes aluminum cutters for removing seals, wine stoppers, champagne stoppers, etc. The vacuum plug helps keep the red wine fresh at room temperature, helps you pour out the wine that is not leaking, tastes good, relaxes, and enjoys wine with family and friends.
  • What You Get:1Electric bottle opener,1xfoil cutter,1xWine corks,1xChampagne cork,1xInverted wine ring,1x Manual