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Disposable Nitrile Gloves, Nitrile Food Gloves, Ideal for Food, Cleaning, DIY, Beauty, Industrial and Sanitary use, White Color, 100 Piece Disposable Sanitary Gloves, Size: L


NITRILE – It stands out for its mechanical (especially perforation) and chemical resistance more than latex, the ideal solution for those allergic to latex proteins, nitrile gloves are the right alternative, economic and professional
MULTI-PURPOSE – Used in healthcare environments, in the aesthetic field, or in the field of food handling. Cleaning the bathroom and / or area, washing animals, gloves are ideal for hygienic handling in the home and kitchen
ERGONOMIC – They fit perfectly thanks to their elasticity, which gives sensitivity to the touch and comfort of use, therefore ideal also for several hours of work.
COMFORT AND RESISTANCE TO TEARS – Cuff for protection from leaks and less risk of breakage when wearing.
POWDER FREE – using a chemical method to smooth the inside of our gloves, we keep them easy to wear without using dust. The dust commonly found in other rubber gloves can be a cause of contamination in sensitive environments